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OTICS at a Glance

1. What kinds of parts does OTICS make?

OTICS manufactures automotive engine parts, with particular expertise in valve train parts. Components we produce as a specialist manufacturer include Roller Arms, lash adjusters, valve lifters, roller tappets, and other such parts. We produce a wide variety of Roller Arms that meet customer needs, from a standard version with sheet metal to cold forged products and a compact, lightweight type. Moreover, our valve lifters are available in φ23.5-41 size shim-less and outer shim types, and we feature an ultra-high-volume mass production system. We have garnered an overwhelming share for Toyota Motor Corporation and Fuji Heavy Industries in Roller Arms. Furthermore, we have confident in being the world's best valve lifter manufacturer for cost, production volume, and quality.

The OTICS Line of Products

For more detailed information, please refer to the Products page.

2. What about quality?

Quality Control Prize awarded by Toyota Motor Corporation for the fourth consecutive year・A recipient of the Toyota Quality Control Prize and other awards, OTICS enjoys a vaunted reputation for incorporating quality control in manufacturing. We also plan on future improvements in quality, using communications with our customers to gain a grasp of their expected quality levels and thus further increase customer satisfaction.

TQM Activities・Minor defects and problem issues that ordinarily come up on production lines are solved through QC circle activities involving the entire workplace. Additionally, All OTICS Quality Meeting, held once each year, exhibit many different examples of improvements we have made, including cases from our overseas subsidiaries. Furthermore, managers and supervisors observe operations in the workplace, effect improvements on issues concerning operational environment and standards found in factory and equipment audits, and the results are then reported in the Group Quality Meeting with management participation and in annual policy inspections. We also provide guided tour visits to cooperating firms, including the participation of top executives, all in a company-wide effort to improve quality.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Quality page.

3.Overseas Bases

OTICS has developed overseas bases in the U.S, Indonesia,China and Thailand, and local staff are now undergoing training in Japanese quality control practices.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Group Profile page.

4. Strength of OTICS

・In order to ensure that all manufacturing by OTICS is fully incorporating with three concepts, high quality, low costs, and short delivery times, many of our machine tools are developed by our own hands. This works to simplify production processes and keep various production-related losses to a minimum.

・Our project teams consist of experts from the Technique Engineering Division and Production Engineering Division, along with factory staff and personnel in other related positions. New products are considered from a number of different views, such as how quickly it can be completed, how the quality can be improved, and so forth. This approach allows us to construct an integrated production system for the product and facilitates easier of communication between the different posts and divisions, enables quicker and more flexible response, which result in a number of other benefits.

・OTICS TECHNO Corporation, one of our group companies, provides OTICS with solid support by providing rapid fabrication and short delivery times of prototypes when OTICS receives orders for components. They are able to meet such demanding conditions thanks to the orders they received for prototype engine valve train parts using in motor sports which requires the very latest and advanced technology.
Favored by its position in such an optimal environment, OTICS has gone on to exhibit products for the company's most advanced technologies and expertise at the motor show. The company has acquired numerous patents as well.

For more detailed information, please refer to the "Strength of OTICS: Idea+Quality" page.

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