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Linking to the Community

OTICS's Contributions to the Local Community

OTICS aims to be a company capable of helping to preserve the environment, but at the same time we also intend to work together with our local communities to make contributions locally.
Through activities like those described below, we forge and maintain our connections to the other members in our areas.

OTICS Charity Festa

OTICS Charity Festa

Based on the concept of "spreading harmony, discussion, and connections between employees, their families, and those in their communities," this event-an OTICS custom-is held in August each year. Offering many varied activities including power rangers shows, arcade games, exhibits of new vehicle models, food stalls, and more, the event is highly regarded and attended by residents from nearby communities. All contributions and profits are donated to social welfare facilities.

Junior High School Student Leader Training

Junior High School Student Leader Training

OTICS supports the NPO called "Nishio City Junior High School Student Leader Training Seminar", that upholds the principles of training the leaders of the next generation.
Each year in cooperation with the Nishio City Board of Education, this NPO conducts a leadership training seminar for Nishio Junior High School students at the Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute.

Factory Tours for Local Elementary School Students

Factory Tours for Local Elementary School Students

These guided tours provide the fifth-grade students from local elementary schools with an opportunity to see and learn about our factories, exhibition spaces, and other locations to show what kind of company OTICS is and what we make.

Promoting Traffic Safety

Promoting Traffic Safety

OTICS actively promotes traffic safety awareness targeting not only the company's employees, but community residents and others passing through our areas, maintaining close ties to local police departments and driving safety councils, requesting improved driving safety awareness, assuming crossing guard duties, and other such low-key but important activities.

Volunteer Cleanup

Volunteer Cleanup

Volunteer activities to clean up the local environments are organized by OTICS's labor union.

OTICS's Efforts to Protect the Environment

In order to help preserve the environment for society in the 21st century, OTICS has drawn up a three-year environmental action plan, contributing to the formation of a recycling-based society with the participation of all of the company's employees.

1. Ongoing Development of Environmental Management Systems

During External Inspection (Manufacturing Division)

Since acquiring ISO 14001 certification in 2001, we have completed development of even more intensified environmental protection efforts throughout the entire company with the aim of being a corporate company which makes some contributions to environmental preservation.
Programs including internal inspections conducted by company auditors and annual inspections by outside organizations are all part of an effort to make continuous improvements and enhance the company's environmental performance.

2. Environmental Protection Through Work Activities

Reducing CO2 Levels with Energy-Saving Illumination

OTICS makes serious efforts to improve the environment, with leaders in every department issuing annual environmental management programs.

1. Preventing Pollution

Management and control of water quality, air, noise, vibration, and other environmental parameters according to our company's standards, values for which are even stricter than legally-mandated standards.

2. Preventing Global Warming

All departments practice energy use reduction activities to curb CO2 emissions.

3. Reducing Wastes

Activities cover various aspects from reduction of total amount of waste generated to expanded waste separation and recycling.

3. Coexisting with Local Societies

Cleanup Activities in Areas Surrounding Plants

OTICS engages in various activities intended to promote communications with people in our local communities.

  1. We conduct cleanup activities in the area surrounding each of our plants (twice annually).
  2. We introduce local residents to the company's environmental protection measures and other activities at the annual OTICS Festa.
  3. We make visits to our suppliers to share information about the environment.

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