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Privacy Policy

In recognition of the importance of protecting private personal information and in compliance with relevant laws and ordinances, OTICS Corporation (hereinafter "OTICS") handles personal information in accordance with the following policy.

1. How Personal Information is Used

Your personal information is collected and used only for the purposes indicated at the time you provide the information and for other purposes as permitted by law. The information is not used for any other purposes.

2. Management of Personal Information

OTICS strictly follows safe management practices to safeguard personal information and has adopted all possible measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

3. Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

OTICS will not disclose or furnish any individual's personal information to any third party without the individual's prior consent, except as provided for by law.

4. Disclosure to You

If OTICS receives a request from you for release or correction of your personal information, the information will be furnished to you by appropriate means upon confirmation of your identity or the identity of another entrusted by you.

5. About This Websites

Customers' personal information is not collected when this website is merely accessed. While we do analyze site visitor trends statistically, the data utilized in such analyses does not include any personal information. However, OTICS assumes no liability for the protection of any customer's personal information provided to any third-party website linked to this website.

6. Questions Regarding Personal Information

Please direct requests and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information provided to us to the following.

OTICS Corporation
Telephone (Main Switchboard): 0563-59-6481

Employment: Business Operations Division, Personnel Group
Other: Business Operations Division, General Affairs Group

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