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Equipment and Production Lines Where We Weave Together Original Ideas to Meet the Customer's Needs

Combining a variety of techniques with die casting press, heat-treatment, machining processes and assembly in our integrated production system, we set up equipment and production lines with our original ideas.
This enables us to exactly express new concepts and advanced designs in our products.
We consider selection of the latest, most improved equipment, suited to the customer's needs, to be a critical step in reaching the top of craftsmanship in manufacturing-the goal we seek.

OTICS's Original Processing Lines

Specialized machine tools, developed by OTICS, take advanced manufacturing one step further.
In order to offer perfect products, we design, develop and create our own machine tools.
These machines are designed to reduce unnecessary processes during the various stages of production to minimum levels while simultaneously increasing efficiency, enabling us to turn out higher quality products. Moreover, the knowledge we gain from the development stages is folded directly back into the manufacturing process, resulting in a truly integrated production system.
Our original processing lines, the product of our own ideas and concepts have earned us a high reputation from all quarters.

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