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Business Flow

Our integrated production system incorporates everything from product design and prototyping to evaluation and analysis to production. All divisions maintain close communication to ensure high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.

It's not just the various processes in our plants that start with the latest facts and information, but the manufacturing processes as well.
We first gain a thorough grasp of the customer's intentions; this understanding is then reflected in the subsequent processes.
Another special feature of OTICS is our ability to present our customers with ideas and proposals exhibiting our own brand of expertise in various forms.
The solutions available only from OTICS, and the company's integrated production system opens the door to the manufacture of new products.

Business Flow

Meetings between the customer and our engineers enable us to gain a clear grasp of the customer's concept, then start manufacturing products that fully meet the customer's needs.
Proposal Suggestions
OTICS presents the customer with a number of different suggestions, allowing us to work together in manufacturing a better product.
Product Design
Based on our wide-ranging expert knowledge and leading-edge technology, we proceed to make full use of the latest simulation, CAD, and other design tools to manufacture high-quality parts.
To verify the difficulty of the desighnings, we test-machine prototypes at the factory. This also allows us to add to our varied stock of processing knowledge and experience.
Evaluation and Analysis
Through actual use of the prototypes, we carry out thorough evaluations, while also making use of simulations to conduct a wide range of analyses, and then feed the results back into the designs as necessary.
After studying various conditions and selecting the equipment suited for manufacturing the product, we start preparations for production using our original machine tools.
We then manufacture the product in accordance with the customer's wishes, with integrated production utilizing our high-level technologies and original systems.
If products are delivered late, high quality does not mean anything. We ensure our products are delivered as planned, in accordance with the customer's wishes.
After-Sales Service
Our business isn't finished at the delivery. We continue to ask our customers for their views about the products, allowing us to stay with them to the next order.

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