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Products and Facilities

Business Flow

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OTICS features an integrated production system incorporating everything from product design and prototyping to evaluation and analysis to production. All divisions maintain close communication to ensure high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.


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OTICS continually incorporates the most advanced equipment and facilities so as to ensure that our manufacturing exhibits our leading technologies to the fullest.


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At OTICS, quality is supported by the watchful eye of each and every employee.

Ideas for the Future

By accurately assessing customer needs, OTICS has continually proposed new technology which responds to the changing times. When developing valve trains, Balancer Assemblies, Fuel Delivery pipes, Common Rails, HVs and Turbo Systems, we will realize timely provision of technology at the world’s highest standards. We aim to establish a corporate group which covers everything from the proposal and planning stage to production, and gains a reputation as an equal partner from automobile manufactures.

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