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OTICS Quality-Supported by the Watchful Eye of Each and Every Employee

Environmental protection is a major consideration in our parts manufacturing processes.
Indeed, that is one of our jobs at OTICS.
This is why we demand stringent, micron-level precision.

We check our work using not only the very latest high-precision measuring devices, but also the bright and watchful eye of every single employee, in each and every field.

No matter how precise and accurate a machine is, it is run and checked by humans. Promotion of our company-wide TQM activities also stems from this approach to manufacturing. The aim is to deliver high-quality, highly reliable products. Continuously fulfilling this aim in turn supports both the customer's satisfaction and OTICS's reputation.

Performing rigorous checks at every stage allows us to keep providing the best products.

Many different hurdles stand in the way before we finish manufacturing our high-quality products. It is only by clearing all of these obstacles that a product can be said to be of "OTICS quality."
As an example, take our durability tests. A product is improved until its performance is sufficient, and analyses are repeated until we are convinced the product meets our standards. At OTICS, all of this goes without saying.
But we pay even closer attention, down to what is normally invisible, using electron microscopy and X-rays to check further inside the product.

All of OTICS's divisions maintain close communications. This allows us to ensure total quality control.

At OTICS, our pursuit of quality does not end in the manufacturing stages. Every single product is subject to our integrated quality control system, starting with our sales activity and then continuing to product design, preparations for production, and on through to delivery to the customer. Only with such an integrated system, we are able to solve the many varied challenges in manufacturing, from ensuring high quality and short delivery times to realizing lower costs.

OTICS QUALITY, Supplying the Confidence

Thorough quality control systems used in the production stages guarantee all our products are of OTICS quality. QC process charts and "Q points" are implemented to provide appropriate indications to line operators. Together with "Technical skills development classes" and quality training based on occupation level, preventative management based on control charts and equipment inspection tables allows us to deliver reliable products to our customers.

Incorporating Quality from the Development Stages

To assure stable supplies of high-quality products, we conduct review from the product development stage to realize high-performance and easily-manufactured product shape and production processes. At every step from product design and production line design to manufacturing and delivery, our personnel incessantly focus on self-process completion (=Jikoutei Kanketsu) for achieving high quality, short deliver times and low cost.

Quality Control Prize Awarded from Toyota Motor Corporation

A recipient of the Toyota Quality Control Prize and other awards, OTICS enjoys a vaunted reputation for incorporating quality control in manufacturing. We also plan on future improvements in quality, using communications with our customers to gain a grasp of their expected quality levels and thus further increase customer satisfaction.

Guaranteeing World-Class Quality

In order to establish world-class levels of quality assurance amid ongoing globalization, we have acquired certification in ISO9001 as well as ISO/TS16949. We are fully capable of meeting the quality demands not only of domestic automotive companies, but from foreign manufacturers as well.

TQM Activities by all Company Groups

Minor defects and problem issues that ordinarily come up on production lines are solved through QC circle activities involving the entire workplace. Additionally, All OTICS Quality Meeting, held once each year, exhibit many different examples of improvements we have made, including cases from our overseas subsidiaries. Furthermore, managers and supervisors observe operations in the workplace, effect improvements on issues concerning operational environment and standards found in factory and equipment audits, and the results are then reported in the Group Quality Meeting with management participation and in annual policy inspections. We also provide guided tour visits to cooperating firms, including the participation of top executives, all in a company-wide effort to improve quality.

Guaranteed Assemblies Provide Superior Assurance

At OTICS, we do not just guarantee the quality of the individual components we manufacture, we also confirm the quality of the assemblies when the parts are assembled as units. The confidence in our products is based on this total, integrated quality checking system.

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