Environmental Action

For Sustainable
Global Environment

As a specialized manufacturer of automobile engine functional parts, OTICS manufactures precision parts, and its production activities and products are deeply involved in the environment.
Therefore, we are actively implementing activities to reduce the environmental burden in order to protect local as well as global environment.

OTICS’s Basic Approach

環境保全の4本柱:「地球温暖化対策」「循環型経済社会の構築」「環境負荷物質管理」「環境意識強化活動」 製品開発での環境配慮:「粗材」「製造」「使用」 生産工程設計の環境配慮:「エネルギー使用量を減らした設備づくり」「環境に配慮した設備づくり」

Activity Results in 2020

CO2排出量:2018年までに2007年度比で18.8%低減 産業廃棄物量:2018年までに2000 年度比で76.4%削減 揮発性有機化合物(VOC)排出量:2018年現在対象物質は全廃

Examples of Environmental Conservation Activities

  • Environmental KAIZEN Presentation Activity

  • Local Ecosystem Conservation Activities
    (Participation in a Reed Planting Activity)

  • Non-native Species Survey

  • Suppression of Non-Native Invasive Plants

Environmental report

Environmental Report 2023

For more information on our environmental activities or results,
please see attached "Environmental Report".

Regional Contribution

With Local Communities

OTICS respects the harmony with local communities.
We want to be such a corporation that contributes to the local communities,
and carry out various community contribution activities


    We carry out “OTICS CHARITY FESTA”, a summer festival every August, which concept is “Share our culture among employees, their family and people in the local community!
    With a lot of contents such as delicious food and drink booths, games, new vehicle exhibition, OTICS CHARITY FESTA has been highly appreciated by visitors in our community.
    And we also donate the entrance fee to a social welfare council.

  • Junior High School Leader Training

    OTICS support the non-profit-organization (NPO) "Nishio City Junior High School Leader Training School," which has the philosophy of training next-generation leaders. This NPO holds training school at the TOYOTA Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute for junior high school students at Nishio city in cooperation with Nishio City School Board.

  • Traffic Safety Promotion

    OTICS holds traffic safety appeal regularly once a month on roads close to our offices and plants in order to raise awareness of traffic safety for our employee and the local community.
    And we are engaged in various activities such 100day-challenge campaign as traffic-accident-free, traffic-offense-free in close cooperation with police office.

  • Factory tour for local elementary school students

    We provide opportunities for study tours to our factories and exhibition hall for local elementary school students to actually “Go and see” and to learn what OTICS is, and what kind of products we manufacture.

  • Providing Emergency Escape Space in case of a disaster for local community

    We promise to provide our soccer pitch at head quarter for the community as an emergency escape space in the event of a disaster.

  • Cleaning Volunteer

    OTICS sets days when employees pick up trash or pull out weeds on roads around our offices or plants.