Otics was founded in 1918. Our first goods were electric generators and tile pressing machines.
Nextly we manufactured textile machines or machine tools.
Currently, we have developed and produced automobile engine parts and the other various automobile parts.
With the slogan "Let's increase Otics fans!"

We have made a sincere effort and surely to be a manufacturing operator that can produce goods from development,
prototype manufacturing through mass production for more than 100 years.

Based on our technological capabilities cultivated over its long history, we have created and developed a large number of new products,
and all employees have worked together to survive the changes of many various times.

Today, the automobile industry is undergoing a revolutional period once in 100 years.
While ideas and various changes that are not bound by conventional wisdom are required, we at Otics will continue to improve our development, technical capabilities and manufacturing on-site capabilities to contribute to the progress of automobile.

Open up the future in the automobile industry and create the next 100 years.

While continuing to realize "employee happiness" and "coexistence with the community," we will always return to our origin and continue to face further challenges so that we are called "equal partners" from our customers.

代表取締役社長 小田井 勇樹