Electrification is a part of the transfor-mations of the automobile industry "CASE" - "Connected", "Autonomous", "Shared & Service", and "Electric". The sales of electrified vehicles including HEV are increasing all over the world.
Furthermore, elemental technologies such as motors and batteries have been advancing, and the trend toward electrification is accelerating.
Electric vehicle parts are required to have new characteristics that are different from engine parts, such as electrical conductivity, insulation, magnetism, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity.
At Otics, we take on the challenge and produce parts by fusing new technologies based on development experience and production technology centered on engine parts.


Hybrid system reduces fuel consumption and emissions by optimizing engine and motor efficiency. Parts of hybrid system are required to have high precision, wear resistance and strength reliability due to the high speed of motor rotation of more than 10,000 rpm.
OTICS has met customer demands with various production technologies to develop the shafts which transmit output, oil pump parts which supply lubricant to each part and so on.